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The purpose of this site is to allow you to become a member of the sales force of the french company FREDERICM.
To allow you to increase your earnings by distributing beauty products.
Create employment in the sector of beauty and perfume.
Create a business case management with the concept of marketing.


The company brings you the luxury to your home, quality products at regular price ...
As a customer you can buy our products and enjoy the quality of a French company that makes its products to French and European standards, quality products.

Our Products

Silver Jewelry with cham's
Parfums (+ 40 flavors)
Cosmetics (+200)
Makeup, a mineral organic range.
Aloe vera (to drink) and cosmetic.

Our product


Scents of various trends that cover current fashion in quality perfumery, our fragrances are available in 50 ml bottles with 100 ml according to the scents.

Our fragrances are available in scented range with body oil, shower gel or bath to match the scent of perfume, Rare are the perfumers who offers it, especially to FREDERICM rates.
To test the scents, you can aquire the perfume organ, a powerful tool to sell the perfumes like a professional!.


We have several ranges of cosmetics. for dry skin to oily, for young skin to mature, comprehensive care that bring the concerns SOLUTION Daily skin care for face and body.

Various main components

  • hyaluronic acid
  • Organic essential oils, grown by the company
  • Protein.
  • Fish Eggs
  • Aloe vera
  • Organic Argan
  • Organic Shea


    Miscellaneous silver jewelry, such as cham's.

    Food supplements

  • Aloe Vera drink, the aloel, organic aloe.
  • Vitamins.
  • Plan protein powders.
  • Alpha Omega, a revolutionary concept in nutrition.

    Frederic m offers a business;

  • Increase your income by selling products.
  • Create your job, selling and recruiting.
  • create a business, recruiting and becoming manager.
    By acting independently can thrive and achieve what you want in the FREDERICM activity.

    Some numbers;

    25% of sales (sales 100 = 25 gains)
    30% of sales (sales 100 = 30 gains) so important sale.
    aditional discount on your sales and orders from your network from 5 to 25%.
    Regular Monthly Promotion, earnings up 50% (100 = 50 sales gains).
    Gifts as monthly promotions.

    Complementary bonus

    With the marketing concept, commissions added to remunerate your manager activity.

    The concept of additional bonus is the source to earn more money by charging commissions the total turnover of your client group and partners. By becoming manager coach, you are an independent business that sells cosmetics and recruiting, training a sales team.

    Benefits Frederic m

    Access to management site, allowing you to manage your business in the details.
    Car Program FREDERICM refund the leasing to finance your car.
    Trips, go to the end of the world FREDERICM, winning challenges.
    A sales support and management with the ID program, compatible software for Apple Ipad, allows you to have the answers to questions your customers, quickly and simply.


    At FREDERICM, you are entitled to bonus if you recruit other business partners! ..
    Sharing activity will help the person you are hiring by providing a job, this good deed will allow you to increase your income with the concept FREDERICM and its bonus program.

    loyalty program

    A loyalty program that permez you to win products like TV, travel, the loyalty program is available for each member of society just order every month. The VAs are accumulated and you can turn when you have reached the point that allows you to have the lot selected.

    Continuing education

    We have a better than a training concept .... With the concept ID on iPad, we offer SOLUTION to respond to your customers within minutes, on the technicality of a product.
    Having knowledge of the composition of products, given the number available in our range, we a digital catalog with listings of each product quickly accessible.
    In a few moments, you can provide your customer the best advise and realize easier sale.
    The concept is easily accessible for each of the company distributor Frederic m. The best way to succeed .... is to start!.

    Register in Frederic M sales force as VDI and start your direct sales business without obligation freely, from home, finally capitalize on your efforts.

    To start !

    Mandatory registration Kit Kit contents:
    The Vdi distribution contract or request agrement partner to sign and return to become a member.
  • Cosmetics catalogs
  • Jewelry Catalogs
  • Training and Information Kit
  • Backlog.
  • Rates Distributor

    Order only the minimum starting kit to register with FREDERICM.







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